Telling the Real Story

This video is a sample of Photojournalist Micah Albert’s work in Africa. Watch it. Does it tell you a story? Though there are no words being uttered, do you understand the message she is trying to send?

To me, she is sharing a passion for the real story of Africa.  She is trying to express that this sample of everyday life actually occurs every day and not just periodically as a show put on to gain sympathy from surrounding nations. Here, I encounter sadness and joy, interest and disappointment, awe–but a keen awareness of how detached I really am to that world.

Are these just photos of Africans to you? Are they anonymous faces?


These are people leading real lives, thinking genuine thoughts, and, most of the time, experiencing true pain.

Questions like these are what I believe photojournalists want to present to their audience; I also believe that the act of presenting the questions is but a first step in their overall purpose. Awareness is key, but action is crucial to induce change. These images are meant to tell the real story–to create an awareness powerful enough to spark action.


3 thoughts on “Telling the Real Story

  1. As for the content of “Telling the Real Story”, I enjoyed the video and found the topic to be extremely interesting. Awareness is a major aspect in my field of Communication as well, and the message this video is sending to the audience is impactful. There is no denying that Albert wanted to portray the pain these people face every day, and the life of the natives is hard to witness. I appreciate how you mentioned your “detachment” to what is going on in the world because I feel many of us are on the same boat. Also, you narrowed down a remarkable purpose for photojournalism as “to tell the real story–to create an awareness powerful enough to spark action.” Overall, lovely blog, and I look forward to seeing the rest of your work!

  2. Love the blog! It is simple, yet informative. You have a keen sense on photojournalism, and I’m excited to see your future posts.

  3. This video is beautiful. I love that just the title, “Telling the Real Story” indeed tells a story in a way other than words, but rather with images. Using images to describe things is definitely most effective. You actually can see the authenticity, the feelings and emotions of the people of this country just by looking at these images. I also agree with you in the case that “action is crucial to induce change.” It’s easy to recognize a need for people, but the real effort is to actually do something about it.


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