Teaching Myself by Teaching You Project.

Okay, so this blog was originally a project for my ‘Writing and Editing in Print and Online’ class, but now that project is over and now this is just my personal photojournalism/photography blog. Good deal. Therefore, I’m going to start a little project. I feel like any serious photographer needs to know the ins and outs of manual photography in order to be successful, so, I’ve dedicated some time to researching and blogging about my findings about how basic manual photography works. On my Tumblr, I’ve been kind of exploring manual photography by posting about what I’ve learned through some extensive Googling. So far I’ve posted about basic shutter speed and basic aperture. You’re allowed to check them out in my archive ( http://www.youshinelikestars.tumblr.com/archive ).

I’m new to this. I’ve been an auto-shooter since I got my DSLR 4-5 years ago. Isn’t that sad? My poor, forgotten dial.

Inspired by the photojournalists that I’ve already highlighted, my best friend (and amazing photographer), Tumblr, and just the looming gigs I have coming up (I shoot my first two weddings in December,) I’ve gotten serious about learning how to speak camera the right way. I also think that if I do want to get ahead in the game of photography and photojournalism, I’m gonna have to know my stuff, while everyone else thinks their camera can think for themselves. (Nah Brah.) I’m ready to get this show on the road.


P.S. Just for some random reasons, I’m going to post the first two Tumblr posts about Shutter Speed and Aperture on here so you don’t have to scroll through my annoying re-blogs.



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