Photojournalism is the art of capturing history as it happens.

It’s a lifestyle of adventure and of risk, of opportunity and of experience.

As  Mark Hancock states, a photojournalist is an active editorial/news photographer  that “cares about people and an ideal world.” They are different from regular photographers in that they “hunt, shoot and share” the truth within the world’s current affairs with an intention to inform and induce change.

My name is Marilyn and I am a sophomore at Florida State University. I’m an English, Writing and Media major with a deep interest in the visual arts. I am also a photographer, and am considering entering the field of photojournalism.  The goal of this blog is to:

  • look back on the history of photojournalism compared to as it is today
  • explore the current field of photojournalism
  • review the ‘Who’s Who’ of photojournalism
  • research the messages that modern photojournalists are prioritizing (and the ones they aren’t)
  • investigate the moral and ethical problems within the field
  • and to share what various writings and media I find relevant to this topic

This blog is primarily to attain an understanding of photojournalism and to record my adventure researching it. I intend this blog to be highly conversational and interactive, so please join me in discovering what photojournalism is all about through following, commenting, and referring! Thank you.



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