This blog is written by a student, who in all honesty, knew barely anything about what the field of photojournalism consisted of. That was my challenge. I wanted to run a blog on something I didn’t know much about so it would challenge me to really research what I was writing. It’s why I called the blog “The Expectant Wanderer”, I knew I would like photojournalism, I was expectant, but I still did not know what would lie ahead. I chose to focus on photojournalism because I am extremely interested in photography, and I knew it would be a great way to become acquainted with the field.

My blog’s strengths, as of now, may be its incorporation of looking at the past before jumping into the modernity of photojournalism. I wrote many posts on “iconic photojournalists” because I wanted to first explore what serious photojournalists look like, where they come from, and how they helped shape the current field. I believe it would be unwise to run head-first to a goal (in my case, becoming a photojournalist) without doing extensive research of its past and present issues, people, technology, and reforms.

A weakness of my blog may have to be the amount of time I’m actually spending on learning the history of photojournalism. I had intentions of running the blog past the due-date, so I started off slow by posting history-related posts than those more related to the class and digitality. I eventually will primarily post about current affairs and modern technology on the blog, but I wanted to first set a firm foundation, so I could build my credibility as a specialty blogger.

I’ve been blogging since blogs were widely available on the Internet. I believe I have more experience in digital editing than I originally thought! I never really counted my blogging experiences as something I could use in the academic world; I’m really happy to know that it is! I learned that running a specialty blog is actually a lot more rewarding than running but a personal one. The writing style that a specialty blog calls for is more academic, but personable—smart but approachable. Running this blog has also helped me to build a style of writing that I believe may be extremely beneficial for me in the future. The more I research on a topic, the better I write about it—and for once, it’s on a topic I actually enjoy!

Most of my posts remind me of a short research paper, but I am surprised by how I honestly didn’t even realize it. The feeling of writing about what I really love is quite addicting, I’m kind of nervous about how much more lazy I’ll be when assigned boring papers in the future.

I’m not sure exactly how this will be graded, but regarding the amount of research and time I put into each post, I would give The Expectant Wanderer at least an A. I tried to make each post highly informative and interesting to my selected audience—fellow  photography enthusiasts, professional photographers, photojournalists and students of photojournalism. In preparation for every post, I performed extensive research and read each article that I was going to use in full and built an opinion and background knowledge of the subject before I wrote. Because of this, each post probably took at least 2 hours each to finalize.

On my “About” page, I stated that my goals were to:

  •  look back on the history of photojournalism compared to as it is today
  • explore the current field of photojournalism
  • review the ‘Who’s Who’ of photojournalism
  • research the messages that modern photojournalists are prioritizing (and the ones they aren’t)
  • investigate the moral and ethical problems within the field
  • and to share what various writings and media I find relevant to this topic

I believe that I still am holding fast to my original purposes, but I still have a lot of ground to cover. I personally feel that I’m still exploring the first objective, to “look back.” I will keep moving down the list, and hopefully become highly informed as an aspiring photojournalist, helping me to get a leg up in the field. Beginning this blog has sincerely got me hooked. I believe that even though this is for a class project, I will continue to run it and learn more about the field of photojournalism and discover whether or not I want to pursue a career in it.



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